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What does Kalepso offer?

A middle-ware between your device and the cloud that allows users to securely:

Store files and databases while retaining search and retrieval functionality
Share data with users whose identities can be verified beyond doubt
Why Kalepso?
"Only 8% of cloud services meet enterprise security and compliance requirements"
source: Skyhigh
Existing cloud solutions for "secure" storage cannot prevent the leakage of private information due to usage patterns.

We effectively hide these patterns from everyone - even from a compromised cloud, service, or user.
Securely store on any cloud
Utilizing the latest cryptographic tools that allows you to search even within the files and retrieve them. No need to worry about ransomware or anyone inferring the content of your files.
Encrypt your online database
No one can infer anything about your data, but you keep all the functionality. Our technology ensures that no current or future attacks can compromise your data privacy.
Share your files remotely
You can safely exchange data with only those you want. No one else can access your data and no one can pretend to be your friend.
How does it work?
Keep your favorite cloud provider
Our technology acts as the middle-ware between you and the cloud. You just upload/retrieve your data through our app, while keeping it secret from both the cloud and us.
Secure data sharing
Encrypt the data you want to share using symmetric encryption and then share the keys with those you want. By utilizing public blockchains to store the public keys of all the users, we make sure that your data are shared only with those you choose. You can verify the true identity of any user whenever you need.
Encrypted file storage
By separately encrypting each file and utilizing secure index structures, we can provide both security and search functionality. There is no need to upload any bulky backups - you can store your whole file system securely online. We utilize AES and Oblivious RAM, depending on the file format, in order to ensure that no one can infer the content of your files via keyword search.
Encrypted databases
We are the first to ensure the maximum level of security by combining Oblivious RAM (ORAM) and Differential Privacy (DP). No one can infer anything about your data; even if the cloud or we get hacked. ORAM re-encrypts the database rows each time you query your data to avoid access pattern leakages, while DP perturbs the query result size in order to avoid communication volume leakages.
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Frequently Asked Questions
Do you offer online storage services?
No. Our technology encrypts what you upload to the cloud and decrypts it when you download it. You keep the high quality storage services of your favorite cloud provider.
How's your secure file storage service different than that offered by the cloud providers or Spideroak?
Most of the current solutions just encrypt backups. You need to download everything in order to access it. We offer file search (even within text files) and single file retrieval similar to that of non-encrypted data.
Why should I not prefer current secure database solutions like ZeroDB or CryptDB?
Current solutions utilize order (or property) preserving encryption or offer semantic security. This means that everything is encrypted once and uploaded to the cloud. Then, local indices help you retrieve the correct database rows. These approaches reveal the pattern of accesses (the frequency each encrypted row is accessed, if some encrypted rows are accessed always together, and how many encrypted row are returned each time). It is proven that this information is enough for the cloud provider or anyone listening to the communication channel to infer the exact index information. The more attributes are indexed, the more information about your database rows is inferred and potentially, an adversary can reconstruct all your data without even breaking the encryption. There are strong cryptographic techniques solving this problem by essentially re-encrypting some of the rows each time you retrieve data (e.g., ORAM), but they were deemed non practical.
We are using the latest advances in the field of ORAM and Differential Privacy in order to overcome any potential attacks, while retaining the practicality of the solution.

tl;dr, all current secure database systems utilize "weak" cryptographic techniques in order to be efficient. These systems have already been cracked by multiple entities. We are the first to offer an efficient solution that utilizes strong cryptographic technology that is provably resilient to any known and future attacks.
What's wrong with the current data sharing solutions like Sookasa?
All current messaging and data sharing solutions offer end-to-end encryption, but there is a catch; you have to trust the service provider that it will not pretend to be one of your friends (man-in-the-middle attack). In other words, current service providers can decrypt all the information you exchange with your friends without anyone noticing it. Our solution proves everyone's identity through an untamperable blockchain and hence, you can always tell who's viewing your data.
What do you mean by "trust-free"?
We only use technology that makes sure that no one can access or infer anything about your data - not even us. You are the only one that has access and chooses with whom to share them. These guarantees hold even if the cloud or our service gets hacked.
What's the catch?
These high levels of security come with longer retrieval times and up to 2 times larger storage requirements. However, our solutions are practical and boost performance by utilizing ML to adapt to your needs. We continuously work on further reducing overheads and adding more and more features. Stay tuned!
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